How WordPress Website Is A Perfect Solution For Small Business

Have you been browsing for WordPress website development for your small business for a while? Well then, you have come along at the right place for your solution. Here at IT Reliable we will provide you numerous services regarding;  

  • How to develop a website at WordPress
  • How to manage the website
  • Including, How much you spend time
  • And how to drive traffic that tempts your target audience. 

WordPress is an open source CMS Content management system. This software aids the consumers to develop and modify their digital content. This is most commonly used for two types of content management: 

  • Enterprise Content Management 
  • Web Content Management 

 Mainly the consumers consume WordPress because it is written in hypertext. According to the survey there are almost 64 million active websites that use Content Management System that handles all the infrastructure of your website.  

Whereas, the programmers can manage to work on the front end areas of the website such designing website graphics and managing other content. 

There was a period when entrepreneurs and businessmen opted for a developer to update even a modest proportion of their websites’ content. Since WordPress’s innovation, WordPress CMS has made content administration quite easy. 

There are several website builders and other pieces of software you may use to create your WordPress site, but there’s no denying that WordPress is the most widely used and dependable content management system.  

According to statistics, 60% of online websites are created on WordPress, and 60-70% of our clients want it. 

Top 5 Reasons WordPress Website is Best 

  • WordPress an Open Source Development Platform 

WordPress is a freeware and open source content management system that works with several databases and supports HTTPS. It is developed in the hypertext preprocessor language. A plugin framework and a template system, known as “Themes” in WordPress, are features. 

  • WordPress is SEO Friendly 

You may create a website that is search engine optimised by using an SEO-friendly CMS. Additionally, it enables you to apply the top SEO techniques. In short, an SEO-ready platform serves as the foundation for an effective website that achieves the highest rankings. Therefore, these platforms are preferred by all website builders. 

WordPress is a remarkable CMS platform that is flexible, user-friendly, and extremely configurable. Additionally, it contains a number of built-in SEO tools that make it simple to develop SEO-friendly sites. Most notably, WordPress enables the use of many SEO plugins and themes to improve SEO features. 

  • WordPress is Highly Mobile Responsive 


WordPress can help you build your own company website if you own a small business, which has a greater need for one than any other type of company. It will assist you in providing something of value to your potential consumers in addition to assisting you in selling your goods and services. 

WordPress is a free website builder that makes it simple to create a website without the need for technical expertise. Simply said, you may create your own website and begin promoting your goods and services without having to pay high-priced web development specialists. 

  • E-commerce Solution 

WordPress was first developed as a blogging-focused CMS, but it is also the ideal platform for small companies that need to manage an online store. The most used Ecommerce plugin for WordPress is E-Commerce. Additionally, it drives 22% of the top 1 million E-Commerce websites worldwide. 

Additionally, Our E-Commerce offers over 300 extensions for extra features like subscription sales and product variant swatches. 

WordPress is very effective for building online retailers. E-commerce plugins like Our’s allow you to manage items, payments, and shipping from the back end while ensuring that your customers have a positive buying experience. 

  • WordPress Keeps Up To-date New Features 

In WordPress version 3.7, the automatic updates functionality was launched that made it possible for WordPress to update your WordPress website’s security by automatically installing new minor versions. 

WordPress has the ability to turn off automatic updates. However, because automatic updates frequently fix significant security, errors, and bugs, we advise that you leave them enabled. 

If you just manage one or two WordPress websites, you may now upgrade them without risk by following our instructions whenever a new major WordPress version is available. However, if you handle numerous sites, manually upgrading WordPress might take a lot of time. 

Our WordPress Development Process 

A new small business may surely save this money for website development and use it toward other areas of the firm as their budget is limited. They can quickly create a website that is incredibly responsive and accessible 24/7 via mobile devices. More than 30% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress.  

This website builder’s incredible themes and plugins, many of which are free are a major factor in its success. These purpose-specific WordPress themes may be used by small businesses to build user-centered company websites, and they can utilise several free plugins to add practical features to their websites that will make it easier for visitors to navigate them. 

To provide users a pleasant experience, websites must load quickly and be responsive. If your online store doesn’t load quickly enough or doesn’t function correctly on their devices, potential consumers may leave it right away.  

WordPress can simply provide you with a pleasant page load speed if you use the appropriate strategy. Your WordPress website may be made faster in a variety of ways, including by selecting the best hosting provider and making use of extra resources like a cache plugin. 

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